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First, what are “telematics”?

Telematics can best be described as the process in which compiled automobile data is transmitted wirelessly, stored on various platforms and analyzed for better productivity. One idea behind telematics is to track the behavior of the vehicle when it’s being operated. Tracking data can include locations traveled to, speed of the vehicle compared to posted speed limits, time in operation and other analytics surrounding any given trip.

Along with data tracking, telematics can also provide safety alerts. The type of alert can vary, given the type of telematics being used. An owner of a Moving & Storage company may integrate telematics devices in their fleet to monitor speeds, timing and the various habits of their drivers to improve fleet productivity. Alerts can also be setup to monitor a driver’s mobile device usage while operating and even onboard and engine diagnostics.

Today, new telematics and automobile data generation technology is being developed at rapid speeds. The application of telematics in commercial fleets is “trending” throughout safety and compliance departments worldwide.

What type of telematics technology is best for my moving company?

If you’re looking to identify what brand or company offers the best telematics technology for your fleet, First, I’d recommend taking a close look at the areas of your operation that could benefit from data generation. Each company offers devices that can collect an array of data.

Have you seen a few distracted driving violations or accidents occur with multiple drivers? Are you discovering loads arriving late from time to time? Are you seeing vehicle maintenance issues arise more frequently? Have you noticed an increase in out of service violations under your authority?

Second, be sure to do a little research about the different ways the data will be sent and received.  Most companies have patents applied to their devices.  This causes an abundance of methods in ways you can receive your fleet’s data. Also, be sure to research the placements and positions of the devices in vehicles along what operating systems are being used. Can the device work with an Android operating system and iOS operating system or only one or the other?

Lastly, keep in mind that the process in which you receive your data should be easy, seamless and frankly, not complicated. The platform in which the data is sent to should be a very friendly user interface. Data collection alone can be complicated. Be sure the user’s navigation of that data is easy and not complicated to measure.

From an Insurance perspective, any form of telematics being implemented by a moving company indicates a strong desire to be better. Whether you’re looking to stay more connected, deter bad driving habits or even improve fuel consumption, there’s a telematics company out there to meet your wishes.

Happy driving and welcome to the new age in transportation!


Written By: Brandon Laam

Brandon has been an Underwriter in the Transportation industry for over 6 years. After having a hand in the creation of a start-up MGA, he ended up finding his niche’ within the Moving & Storage industry. Outside of the office Brandon likes to fish, hike, kayak, garden and read.

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