How fast can you turn around from quote to policy?

Typically the broker receives a policy within days of binding

Will you issue certs or can we?

Your office can issue certs after receiving a copy of the binder, but if there is any special wording we must approve the cert. Movers Choice handles all the filings.

Is this direct billed or financed?

If financed do you use your finance carrier or do we use ours? Our office must and will provide the premium finance agreement upon quotation of the account Direct bill is offered on accounts of over $150K in premium.

Who notifies the Vanlines of coverage?

The Movers Choice Program will provide the filing to the appropriate van line showing the required coverage needed for this account. This is not correct, the agent issues certs to the van line and specialized endor sements some from Movers Choice to broker to attach to their cert unless it is a van line that requires a direct special cert from Movers Choice (AKA Atlas)

Can you quote other trucking type risks with you or is this strictly a movers program?

Our Mover’s Choice Program can only write a trucking risk if it is a small percentage of the overall moving operation. However, we can consider trucking risk in our BizChoice Truckers Program. For more information go to:

Can you send me your Supp App?
Can you send me your Long Haul App?
When do we receive commissions?

On the 25th of the following month of receipt of payment from the insured.

Why do we have to pay gross?

It is a stipulation of our program administrator agreement and is not negotiable.

Can we have our commission direct deposited and reports emailed to us?

Absolutely, this is the preferred method. Please email Accounting ( to request the form.

Should the down payment be made payable to Paul Hanson Partners and mailed to the address shown on the finance agreement?

Yes, please make payable to Paul Hanson Partners and mail to PO Box 5990, Napa, CA 94581

Can you supply additional insured and waiver of subrogation on your auto policy?

Yes, with underwriting approval. The following additional questions will need to be answered:

  1. Who is the additional insured?
  2. Does the insured have an auto exposure and do they have appropriate coverage in place?
  3. What is the operation of the additional insured and how does it relate to the named insured?
  4. Does the request for an Additional Insured fit with the Named Insured’s operations?
When insured uses Advise of Coverage — Is our limit of coverage $250,000? Is this per certificate? Or is $250,000 limit for policy term?

The Advise of Coverage is limited to $250,000 per certificate issued or their per truck cargo limit whichever is less. If it is in storage then the most they can do per Advise of Coverage Certificate in storage is $250,000, the insured still needs to monitor they have the correct total limit on their warehouse storage value.

What is the difference between a hold harmless agreement and waiver of subrogation?

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What are different types of valuation for Real Property coverage?

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