Mover's Choice Cyber Coverage

Criminals are finding many ways to steal a business’s identity, often manipulating and falsifying business filings and records. Their goal is to defraud a business’s creditors and suppliers, financial institutions, business' owners and officers, unsuspecting consumers and even the government.

Just as companies invest in workplace safety, sophisticated companies also will invest in strong cyber security.

Cyber Insurance is in the spotlight with the U.S. Senate as well. There have been three hearings exploring the growing cybersecurity risk and the coverage, challenges, and opportunities. Watch all three hearings here:

  1. “Building a More Secure Cyber Future: Examining Private Sector Experience with the NIST Framework”, examined the federal National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)’s partnership with the private sector to improve critical infrastructure cybersecurity.
  2. "Getting it Right on Data Breach and Notification Legislation in the 114th Congress”, provided the Committee with more information to assist its efforts in drafting a federal data breach bill.
  3. "Examining the Evolving Cyber Insurance Marketplace” The hearing explored the growing cybersecurity risk insurance market and heard from experts about coverage, challenges, and opportunities in the industry and the impact on cybersecurity.