AIG Loss Control

Loss Control Services Available to
AIG Customers

Sponsored by Mover’s Choice and AIG Insurance Company

The Mover’s Choice Program has teamed up with AIG Insurance Company to provide an innovative online risk management tool. Once becoming a customer of Mover’s Choice, your company is immediately given access to several tools that will improve your operation’s safety and loss control program. Most all these tools are available at no additional cost to your operation.

Paul Hanson Safety Portal
Paul Hanson Safety Portal is a cutting edge online virtual library of safety materials.

The following is a brief description of each available program with links to more detailed information:

  • LexTrainer: AIG specializes in providing risk management services to their insureds. They understand the issues and work to help minimize the potential losses for your organization.
  • RiskTool System: a web-based solution to help identify and reduce the most common hazards in your business. For a detailed Power Point Presentation demonstration on this product log in here.
  • AIG On-Site Driver Training: this on-site training has been developed by Coaching Systems to help train your drivers to improve their driving skills with the goal of reducing vehicle accidents.
  • LexCasts: online educational webinars on variety of risk management issues presented by leading industry experts.
  • My Risk Management Plan: a program that has been developed to help customize a risk management plan that brings existing policies into a format that can be easily shared with key staff and leaders.
  • IntelliCorp: a discount program that helps reduce the cost of running background checks and employment screening.
  • Driver Alert Program (How’s My Driving? Decal Program): this program has proven to help reduce accident and improve driver behavior. The Driver Alert Decal Program is sponsored by AIG which means it is available to its insured’s no additional cost. Please contact Joseph Zingale at Driver’s Alert directly at 803-781-2806 or by email at
  • PIER Program (Pollution Incident and Environmental Response): PIER provides AIG insured’s with around the clock emergency response services when it really matters; prompt responding, helping to assemble the correct team, advising on how to control remediation costs and assisting with minimizing overall environmental liabilities.

We appreciate that you have chosen The Mover’s Choice Program for your insurance needs and we hope that you take advantage of this valuable risk management service.